mom what THE FUCK do you mean youre not a virgin

This makes me think of my friend who very adamantly stated that her mom remained a virgin until marriage…I then reminded her that her mom was pregnant for her older brother when she got married lol.

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Some of the most powerful words in the Bible are “I will be with you.”
Charles Stanley (via simply-divine-creation)

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Shhh the baby is sleeping


Shhh the baby is sleeping

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during this scene I just kept thinking how cute it would be if Killian and Emma just cuddled on the couch and watched Netflix and Hook was all amazed by the technology. And they watched Peter Pan or something :)

(btw not my gifs)

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omg i teared up when Rumple and Belle danced to the instrumental of Beauty & the Beast 

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That was the scariest shit my heart is still beating really fast

This is exactly me right now. I made my Labrador come sleep with me.

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